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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yellow Book Enables "Favoriting" Businesses

Local search provider Yellow Book USA has added a unique function that enables consumers to share or save listings that they want to keep. Through a partnership with AgendiZe, the "Click-to-Save & Share" feature lets you send yourself email, text messages, or put a listing into your favorites (such as del, or facebook) or your Outlook address book.

This is a free service for all paid advertisers in Yellow Book, which differentiates the company from its competitors. A great pizza place or jazz club is worth remembering, and tools that simplify that process are valuable and should increase repeat business. As so much of our information is stored online, it makes sense to put our favorite retail establishments there too.

The service comes in handy if you want to store a restaurant on your cell phone or don't want to have to redo searches. While local search sites do allow you to save listings, it requires logging in, which is a real pain.

Alexandre Rambaud, founder and CEO of AgendiZe told me that you can send links to map through the GPS system or to WAP-enabled phones. He said the technology can be used in banner ads or movie listings, or shopping carts, or virtually any type of ad.

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