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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Waterfall of Widgets Continues

Widgets are clearly where it's at. The other day ComScore quantified their popularity, and the web is rife with new applications for increasing traffic and providing customization.

The Washington Post created a widget for tracking news about the presidential candidates that can be posted to social networking sites.

Adidas worked with widget marketing platform Freewebs to develop a widget for posting personal success stories that generated brand exposure for the company. There are also new widgets for tracking the volume and location of website visitors.

Developing widgets can even get you a job, as Joost widget developer OnTheToob was acquired by Joost.

Widgets enables brands to gain exposure virally, for publishers to open up their content, and to mine data about users. If you have a website, you should brainstorm into how you can use widgets and rewrite your applications to make them "widgetable."

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