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Friday, September 14, 2007

Veoh Rising as Web Video Platform

While it's still small by comparison with less than 3 million unique visitors in August, Veoh is quickly establishing itself as a platform for viewing (and advertising against) video content. Veoh grew by 346 percent according to become the ninth most visited video site Nielsen Netraings, while leader YouTube's growth slowed to a still impressive 66 percent.

VeohTV, an application that will compete with Joost by allowing viewers to record videos to their hard drive for later viewing, is helping to drive traffic. Although bandwidth is becoming less of an issue over time, being able to queue up programs, including a growing number of web-only serials such as Prom Queen and Afterworld, and watch at your leisure will become increasingly attractive as watching online becomes competitive with TV viewing. Now if only VeohTV could easily be watched on the big screen....

Veoh just received $25 million to further develop the platform and refine its ad strategy.
Television networks should be wary as more of their ad dollars will shift online unless they can develop interactive services that can compete with online offerings.

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