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Thursday, September 27, 2007

LinkedIn Puts Faces to Names

Feeling the heat from Facebook and MySpace, buttoned-up LinkedIn will allow users to post one photo of themselves.

I've always preferred LinkedIn's more serious approach for my business networking. Adding photos can help to make sure that you are contacting the people that you've met before.

Maybe it's my age (40+), but for work purposes I don't want the clutter of seeing people's favorite movies and music when I'm looking to network. LinkedIn won't get the traffic of the other social networking sites, but by offering pay-for services and retaining its business focus, it can be a profitable alternative.

Rudy Giuliani and Barack Obama recognize the value of a LinkedIn presence.

LinkedIn is reportedly developing an open API so that developers can create their own mash-ups, a strategy which has made Facebook the current darling of the social scene.

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