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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It's a Widget World for Marketers

We used to call them "applets" back in Internet 1.0 days, but widgets are taking over as mechanisms of marketing your business or brand. These code snippets, which make personalized content easy to put on a website or shared virally, are spreading like crazy, and marketers are paying attention. According to ComScore, 239 million widgets were used on the web last month (per the San Francisco Chronicle). From video sharing to to travel info to news headlines to photo sharing, if you can publish it, you can widgetize it. For marketers, the opportunity is to gain exposure for your brand with a free widget, or to sponsor others widgets. As part of any web strategy companies now have to consider what part of their content could be spread virally through widgets. Technology in the form of javascript and dynamic web pages has finally caught up to Microsoft's Dot.Net idea of a componentized web, but without their influence. Sorry Bill.

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