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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bloggers Drive Conversational Marketing

More than ever marketing is a conversation, according to a white paper authored by Communications Company Ogilvy, blog search company Technorati, and industry expert Doc Searls.

Social media and blogging are the most effective ways to enhance branding, or as they put it "Conversational marketing is one of the best ways of ensuring that a brand stays relevant."

That conversation is largely controlled by the middle tier of bloggers who have between 20-1000 inbound links (like us!), the paper says. These bloggers are the influencers of public opinion, and companies should listen to and promote what they are saying.

"We often call this grouping the “magic middle” because it’s where you find the most knowledgeable, well-informed and consistently engaged folks in the conversation. These are people who invest huge amounts of time and passion in the topic or cause. They’re bloggers who link to other bloggers, carrying on an intense multidirectional exchange of ideas and points of view, which is a powerful force in moving and shaping market conversations."

The paper includes several examples of effective campaigns where marketers used blogger quotes in their marketing materials, including promotions for the films An Inconvenient Truth and Shut Up and Sing. However, these examples aren't the best because they were built around politically charged and topical issues, which aren't relevant to most campaigns. I mean who's going to blog about tan lines or dryer sheets?

So us middle tier bloggers can expect to be getting lots of love from the marketers who want to sway us, or at least promote the ideas with which they agree. By sending me this white paper, Oglivy is putting its theories to work. Will it be successful?

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