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Friday, August 24, 2007

Tafiti Turns Search into ReSearch

I was just playing around with Microsoft's new research/search visualization tool Tafiti, and I was impressed right away.

The interface is incredibly slick (did they hire people from Apple for this project?) and unbelievably quick in returning results. You can search the greater web, within books, RSS feeds, and images, but the news search really stands out. Results are listed in the form of a newspaper column, with easy to ready headlines and varying column widths that breaks up the monotony of rows of search results.

You can store your results on "shelves," which enables you to link together relative results, and images indicate where the result came from (ie the greater web or news). You can save your research, e-mail it, or automatically post it to a Microsoft Live page. You can also narrow search results through a filter. Tafiti requires Microsoft's Silverlight media plug-in, and you must log in using a LiveID to save your results.

Tafiti is the most intriguing, unique and useful online application that Microsoft has developed in a long time, and a good counter to Google's universal search.

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