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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

SpiralFrog Beta Launches

I received an e-mail invite to the much-rumored ad-supported music download site SpiralFrog. I have been skeptical all along that a "free" download service will ever exceed let alone launch, but the site is now open.

Unfortunately my attempts to download one of the 770,000 songs on the site haven't worked. You have to make sure you have a current version of Windows Media Player and if you use Firefox get a plug-in, and then install a Download Manager application.

I did all that, but in Firefox the download says it is starting but never finishes, while IE can't find the download manager even though I've installed it twice. I have a request into customer service.

For all I know the folks behind SpiralFrog and wonderful human beings, but as I've been saying since the company was first announced that I believe that an ad-supported download site is not financially viable.

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