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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

iPhone Ready Websites? Worth it or Not

I was browsing my feeds and as usual an iPhone post caught my eye. Pete at has a post about Facebook's new iPhone friendly format and it reminded me about something I stumbled upon with my new iPhone (Thanks El Jefe!).

When you first fire up the iPhone's safari browser you get a few default bookmarks, two of which are and Att's My Account page. Now my question is why are these two site's not iPhone ready? I know the whole point of the iPhone is to use the regular internet, not a mobile version of the internet, but a little formatting for the iPhone user-agent sure wouldn't hurt anyone.

So my questions to anyone who cares to answer are: Why wouldn't Apple or ATT have iPhone ready designs? Should companies use resources to develop iPhone designs for their websites or is that a waste of time?

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