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Friday, July 06, 2007

ZunePhone? Microsofts iPhone Killer

The Today Show, in all their infinite tech-coverage wisdom went to the Microsoft campus on the day of the iPhone's launch to discuss how the iPhone was going to change the industry. They show some Microsoft think-tank footage and the mobile research department and interviewed the head of the mobile division. The question that was asked to Microsoft's Mobile Department Manager was 'How is the iPhone changing your strategy?' His reply, "We have to continue what we are doing and not be distracted from our mission."

Now obviously I'm not the head of anyone's Mobile Department but the first thing I'd do is run out and nab an iPhone or ten and get my engineers picking it apart. Kind of like what Microsoft did to the iPod which gave them the very similar Zune.

The video goes on to show some testing being done on a phone that looks like a blackberry but runs a version of Windows CE. Not quite the most exciting product we've seen so hopefully they will scrap that idea and move to something bigger and better. My suggestion, the ZunePhone!

Apple has laid the groundwork for this type of mobile web/phone device and if Microsoft acted quickly they could take advantage of the iPhone hype. I have to give MSFT the benefit of the doubt that they were working on a iPhone-type device as soon as they heard about the iPhone so if they can get a product to the market there is still a huge demand to be filled. Put the ZunePhone out on any network EXCEPT AT&T, make it cheaper, bigger, better than the iPhone and you'll have a whole lot of people who want the iPhone experience but don't want to shell out the $500 or switch to AT&T. And if Microsoft really wanted to be innovative they could even consider using OpenMoko!

iPhone may very well change the consumer mobile industry but it should also have been a wake up call to any company trying to make an impact in the mobile marketplace. Its time to innovate.

I won't hold my breath for any Microsoft innovation, in the meantime, I'll continue to check my mailbox for my Labitat iPhone.

TODAY Show Video

By Matt O'Hern at 09:59 AM | Comments (1)

(1) Thoughts on ZunePhone? Microsofts iPhone Killer

Ok, forgive me for this one, but I really feel like I need those of you who understand "the scene" a bit better to help me get a clearer perspective. I absolutely love my Zune (brown), and have gotten a bit depressed in the last week with all of this iPhone hype going on.

Somebody that has a better understanding of the market help me out. i really don't understand this: Apparently MS is struggling to "fill the Channel" with 1 million Zunes by July 1. Yet, Some company called Blackfriars estimates that Apple sold 1 million iphones in 2 days. But I think maybe it's better to take a look at a sales estimate by a "conservative" analyist. Most conservative estimates put the 2 day (that's 48 hour) sales figures at 500,000 units sold to customers. These estimates are sales to customers NOT 'into the channel."

Ok now you think I'm an apple fanboy right? NO WAY, I HATE apple!

I love my Zune! I desperately want it to be a good device, but these figures make me nauseous. I really don't get it??? How can the iPhone sell a million units in 48 hours and the Zune struggle to "fill the channel" with a million Zune's in 12 months? I honestly don't get it! The Zune interface is much more sophisticated than the iPhone's! Everyone seems to be so hyped up on "multi-touch displays" and something called "coverflow." Get REAL!!!. I think the iphone interface is really ugly, and the truth is that the Zune interface is much more efficient. I can navigate my zune much quicker!

I also don't undertsand why everyone in the press makes fun of the brown zune. I bought brown and i love it. Ok I'll admit, that it took me about 48 hours to complete the installation (my machine kept crashing), and I also hate to admit that I've experienced a lot of freeze ups on my zune. But any 1st generation technology is going to have problems!

In some ways, I feel like people don't understand the concept of loyality. Apple comes out with the iPod and the iPhone and everyone is supposed to ditch their Windows machines and just jump on the band wagon??? This really makes me sad. If people were just more patient with the Zune it will payoff.

Come on people! Don't throw in the towel. I heard a firmware update will fix some of the problems we're having.

Comments by jameson rex : Sunday, July 08, 2007 at 12:17 AM

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