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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Web Audience Grows, But Not Time Warner

The global audience of web users grew less than one percent to 772 million people online worldwide between April and May, according to new data released by comScore. This represents a 16 percent penetration of the worldwide population of individuals age 15 or older.

All of the 10 largest website showed growth in visitors between one-half and five percent, with the exception of Time Warner's sites, which were down one-tenth of one percent. That is bad news for the AOL parent, considering that eliminating AOL's subscription services was supposed to grow the audience for advertisers.

What truly amazes me from this chart is that is the 10th most visited site on the web. Sure, iTunes is huge, but when you consider the paucity of pages on Apple versus every other site, it is truly mind boggling. Apple has build a nice little business from iTunes, but imagine how much money the company could make from advertising if they placed just a few ads on The record companies and movie studios should be clamoring for a share of the real estate on the iTunes site.

Apple is very protective of its users and has stayed away from ad-supported content, but now is the time if Apple wants to become a major media player.

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