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Monday, July 23, 2007

RSS Boosts Video Distribution

Online video company TurnHere has joined up withe RSS marketing company Pheedo to streamline the process of creating and distributing video content and ads for marketers.

Pheedo will distribute videos from TurnHere through its RSS service to websites to increase their visibility through the major search engines. This distribution platform will aid the videos in natural search rankings as well as increase the likelihood that they will go viral.

Search engine optimization and viral marketing strategies for video is in a relatively early stage of development. Google's universal search will increase the exposure of videos, but how to get a video to go viral remains a mystic art. While companies like SubmitExpress can help with website SEO, video has been somewhat overlooked until recently. RSS' ability to encapsulate video can automate the manual process of submitting videos to the major search engines.

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