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Monday, July 30, 2007

MSN and Digg Sitting in a Tree....

First comes ads,
Than comes acquisition
Next comes MSNigg in the top position.

By now you've all read the news that Digg and MSN have agreed to an ad deal, probably worth a gazillion dollars if I had to guess. If you've kept on top of things and I like to think our readers to, you've also heard the rumors of a possible acquisition of Digg by MSN. But what you haven't heard is a good reason why Digg needs MSN.

No one is doubting Digg's rep in the neighborhood, we all know its the big dog when it comes to social media, but even the big dog has a soft spot. When it comes to tech news, Digg is king, but all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't pick up the rest of the Digg sections. No more bad analogies I promise. There has always been a market for someone to capitalize on Digg's inability to succeed in other niches, but many have tried and even more have failed. There are so many options, its hard to gain traction. Take the Digg sports section for example. Its terrible. Horribly out dated and always slow with the news. I tried to do my part and submit breaking stories that would interest other sports fans but not once did they succeed, instead the top stories are "Top 5 Most Ridiculous WWF Gimmicks" and "Why are cyclists at the Tour de France still doping?". Two stories most sports fans could care less about. Now add MSN to the mix.

Now let's take a look at the data
  • According to Alexa 24% of the world's internet users visit (or a MSN property), compared to a measly 0.56% for

  • There are 780 pages of MSN related URLs (~14,000) in Compared to 229 pages for, 619 pages for, 1954 pages for Yahoo, 614 pages for and 174 pages for

  • Those are pretty compelling data points that show us: MSN is popular with users, but MSN users don't really know about That's a huge opportunity for both Digg and MSN.

    If MSN were to acquire it would introduce a whole new plethora of users to, pump much needed life into all the dead Digg sections, and continue bringing down servers worldwide (although being MSNugg doesn't have the same ring to it). I'd also assume that there would be a mini-revolt from all the Apple fanboys and Kevin Rose loving Digg purists who want the site to remain 'homegrown' but in the end we'd all win.

    Hey Bill, Kimi wanted me to pass you this note from her friend. msn buy digg

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