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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Google Not Happy to Share the Wealth

Google is no longer allowing search engine Sharogle to run its ads because the revenue was being shared with partner sites, according to Mashable. I'm wondering if the company's name (ending with -ogle) had anything to do with the decision?

Getting blacklisted by Google can mean certain death to small companies because of their dominance, and it will be interesting if a future lawsuit challenges Google's licensing policies for running AdWords.

Google has lots of killer tools for integrating custom search into websites, which I plan on taking advantage of. Google's custom search engine lets you search a specific set of websites for content and add your own layout. To me, this is incredibly powerful, allowing publishers to deliver to their audiences content from hand-picked sites.

The next step would be to offer a search of RSS feeds so that you can locate news from only the sites you watch. This should be in the works today since Google acquired FeedBurner not so long ago. Google should put this to work on their iGoogle page, as well as updating Google Reader to allow the search of feeds, like you can do in FeedDemon.

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