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Monday, July 02, 2007

Google-eBay Fight Just the Beginning

As you've probably heard, Google and eBay have moved into separate bedrooms and barely look at each other when crossing in the hallway.

Google has revved up competition with eBay's PayPal with Google Checkout, and so eBay is drastically cutting back on running Google Ads.

These territorial battles (think 16th century Europe) are just getting started as the various arms of Google, Microsoft, Time Warner, eBay and Yahoo are going to become less willing to deal with the subsidiaries of their competitors. Just because someone's cousin married your sister isn't enough to keep companies that are at war from hating each other, and this battle royal is good news for independent companies.

If you run an ad network, agency, or SEO shop, in future days Microsoft will likely be more willing to talk to you than a competitor that has close ties to Google or Yahoo. That these countries, er companies, have become so complex and powerful will be a boost for all as their increasing competition will lead to better pricing and consumer services. As long as their are a half dozen or more significant internet commerce/technology players continuing the infighting, we can all benefit.

The arrival of a common enemy (WalMart? Amazon?) that tries to take over their turf could unite these companies to play nice on some fronts, at least for a while.

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