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Friday, July 27, 2007

Can Blogging Sell Your House? is a "for sale by owner" site that is the craigslist of real estate but looks a whole lot nicer. The website claims to get 650,000 page views per day, and has recently added blogs as a feature for people to attract interest in their homes.

Per the company. "By blogging about their homes, our sellers generate more interest, thus increasing traffic to their online listings and increasing the chances of selling their property faster."

While a blog can offer a platform for providing unique insight into a property, you can't expect to get the whole story as obviously people want to sell quickly and won't point out any weaknesses. Blogging is good for narrating a story over time, but real estate sales are usually completed within a few months, and if a house is on the market for a longer time, you can't help but wonder. Perhaps blog entries will help in natural search rankings, but I'm not sure considering how competitive the real estate industry is.

Blogs are free with a listing (starting at $70),. but I couldn't find any examples of blogs on the site. is a well designed site with photos and maps from Microsoft Virtual Earth. I was surprised to find seven houses in my small city of 25,000 (versus none on Craigslist), but only 8 for all of San Francisco.

Between Fizber, for comparing prices, and the plethora of realtors who carry detailed MLS information, you don't have to be a the mercy of your realtor in buying or selling a home.

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