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Friday, June 29, 2007

Yellow Pages Race: Yahoo Leads, YellowBook Fastest Growing

According to the latest data from comScore, Yahoo and Idearc Media (which runs the sites) dominate the online yellow pages category, while Yellow Book is the fastest growing.

Yahoo and Idearc both have more than 20 percent market share for all yellow page searches, while the YellowPages Network is third with just over 10 percent share. YellowBook, while representing less than 3 percent of all searches, grew the fastest over the last year, adding 805 percent more searches.

While managing my wife's local business, I've learned that getting good rankings on these sites is crucial to gaining customers. We are listed within the top five results on the six biggest yellow pages sites, and this generates 90 percent of our business even though we have spent two-thirds of our advertising dollars in print. This took a combination of free and pay-for online ads plus some search engine optimization for our website. It has been hard work, but we are now seeing a great return on our online marketing dollars.

Our local business directory has generated nearly all of our offline leads, while our Superpages print ad has been a disastrous waste of money. Many of these services offer free listings, which is a good place to start. Also, CitySearch isn't considered a yellow pages site, but it is directly competitive and has also been a great driver of business for us.

Source: Center for Media Research.

Correction, this story was corrected.

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