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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

News 2.0 Provides Marketing Lessons

Web 2.0 and the social web have remade the way news is collected, produced and displayed. From the venerable New York Times to upstart Huffington Post to the revitalized AOL News, the art of magazines and newspapers telling stories through conventional articles is gone for good.

Publishers have been newly humbled, realizing that the audience wants to be involved in discussions about the content, that they want to submit their own photos and videos, and they want their voices heard through polls and by rating content.

These are all lessons that marketers should take to heart in their communications with customers. Corporate blogs are now common place, but the other tools for engaging audiences through a two-way conversation have yet to be taken to heart. I'm not saying every company should create it's own MySpace, but making websites more personal and asking as much as telling can get customers involved and bring them closer to an organization and its products and services.

Keep this in mind when setting up email campaigns, redesigning the website, or designing direct mail. People will listen more when they feel they are also being listened to.

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