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Monday, May 21, 2007

ValueClick Not Quite Zango

ValueClick is being investigated for crossing the line of fair business practices with its lead generation service.

The problematic behaviors aren't known, but perhaps it has something to do with deceptive advertising that promises hardware for free or next to nothing, but then after the e-mail address is collected attaches so many strings as to make completing that offer impossible. These offers are everywhere, and clicking on them puts your inbox and security at risk.

These "free iPod" offers are infamous from companies such as Zango. (Side note, I recently was searching online to buy a lawnmower on several websites including Craigslist and suddenly my inbox starting fill up with offers for a free lawnmower even though I never entered my e-mail address. Coincidence?)

ValueClick isn't in the same territory as Zango, which according to Ben Edelman continues to rip off affiliates and merchants such as Blockbuster through adware that creates false commissions by interjecting ads. This is mucking up the affiliate business and is costing merchants an insane amount of money and must be stopped.

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