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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Comcast to Compete With Multiplexes

Say goodbye to lining up with all the tweens outside the megaplex on Saturday night. Comcast will offer blockbuster movies as video on demand during their opening weekends.

Theater owners are aghast at the prospect of losing their monopoly over theatrical releases, but they don't have a right. Here in the home of the free we should be able to choose the experience that best suits our tastes.

Comcast will charge a hefty fee ($30 or more) for people to watch a movie at home, but that seems a bargain when you compare it with the cost of buying some refreshments along with a couple of tickets.

Most people will continue to see movies where the "big screen" experience is important. However, some people (especially those with small kids or those annoyed by obnoxious fellow movie watchers) might prefer to gather the family or a few friends to watch together.

Theater operators don't have right to expect a share of the revenue from any Comcast VOD service. They don't make the movies.

With DVDs now available close to the theatrical release dates, the shift to simultaneous home delivery of movies is on, and there's no turning back.

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