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Monday, April 16, 2007

Smart RSS Reader Provides Ratings and Relevancy

LeapTag has released the beta of its self-named RSS reader and ratings tool that joins the ranks of applications that use personalization to tailor web content to individual needs.

LeapTag is a browser plug-in that lets you assign categories to websites and vote thumbs up or down on pieces of content. The software is free and ad supported, so while having ads in your RSS reader might not be your first choice, the ratings engine also works on ads, so at least you can say no to have irrelevant ads removed. Tags can also be shared with others, so it's sorta like NewsGator meets by way of TiVo.

RSS readers are a tremendous time saver, and working as a plug-in and being free will save time and money from loading separate download applications. I love NewsGator/FeedDemon, but it is a memory hog -- I had to buy more memory because running it and office at the same time was unacceptable.

RSS readers such as LeapTag are important to marketers because they indicate that people will be spending more time with the sites and content that match their interest and less time searching for things. This means advertisers will have to find more vertical methods of finding customers.

I've been looking for someone to allow for advertising ratings for some time. While LeapTag will provide a better ad match, you'll still see the same old ads when you click through to the full articles.

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