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Monday, April 02, 2007

Jay Adelson on Digg Coupons & Tech Deals

On Friday I brought up a couple of points regarding coupons on social news aggregators and used an example that was found on digg and I also asked Jay Adelson for his thoughts on whether or not they plan on making a more prominent category focused on coupons and got his response. Consider this a mini Q & A and catchup all at the same time.

Q:) Have you ever considered creating a category just for coupons or deals?

A:) Our Tech Deals section is where most coupons live on Digg - we've had that area for a long time, almost the entire history of Digg. It goes fairly unnoticed by many newer readers but it's a very high traffic section for users seeking deals.

We've found that many eCommerce websites have tried to get dugg onto this section, and frankly we're fine with it. If it's a great deal, it will get dugg to the Newly Popular list.

We're always looking at new ways to direct traffic to the best places...the point at which user interest in coupons gets strong enough to warrant creating a new topic around it, we'd definitely consider that

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