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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Google Ready to Pre-Roll

Regarding GooTube's disdain for pre-roll ads: never say never. According to, Google is raring to go on 30 second pre-roll ads, with 2008 a likely launch date. Google has its sites on siphoning off TV advertising dollars with an ad format that agencies are comfortable with buying.

Bully for Google for recognizing that pre-roll ads for video sites are inevitable. However, 30 seconds for 1-2 minute spot is a bit much for viewers to tolerate, so they should be flexible in embracing long and short form ads to match the types of content that they offer. One 30 second ad per 5 minutes is probably about right, and just as TV offers quickie ads for local companies, 5 to 10 second ads can also be effective teasers.

As I've said before, pre-roll will be an important part of the free video mix and users will adjust. However, other revenue streams (interactive ads, animated gifs, etc.) are also necessary if video sites want to turn a profit.

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