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Monday, March 19, 2007

Ad Network Targets Podcasters

A new ad network is focusing on the new age crowd with shows focusing on sex and healthy living. While the content may not appeal to everyone, Personal Life Media's ad strategy may be.

Instead of inserting ads within the 30-minute shows, the publisher is opting for sponsorships that introduce the brand before the show. This will likely lower the ad dollars per podcast, but could be more attractive to listeners who won't lose the flow or be tempted to quit in the middle if they hear an ad. I mean you wouldn't want programus interruptus when you are listening to a show about orgasm, right?

Niche publishers in streaming media (audio or video) need to settle on a consistent advertising formula to make selling easier. Sponsorships and product placement are the least disruptive, so maybe it's better to go for less dollars and hope that the audience will grow enough to become profitable. If people get hooked, then more ads can be introduced.

Found via MediaPost.

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