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Friday, February 09, 2007

Yahoo Smokes Google With Pipes

Yahoo is looking to shake it's reputation for being a relative technical lightweight with the release of a new web services tool for combining and manipulating data sources.

Yahoo's Pipes, as explained by TechCrunch is a graphical tool for creating applets that can take in RSS or other data fields, search, sort, and reorder it, and spit it out as RSS, SMS alerts or text.

For some time I've expected someone -- more likely Google or Feedburner -- to come up with an easy way to combine and filter RSS feeds. While Pipes can do a lot more, Yahoo could put it to work instantly by creating a tool that lets readers customize MyYahoo. For example, you could pick the half dozen or so news sources you want to track and come up with your own way to rank and categorize their latest articles.

Marketers can create custom Pipes to track their competitors and themselves as they are covered in the media.

Good going Yahoo, I can't wait to see where you and developers take Pipes.

By John Gartner at 12:05 PM | Comments (0)

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