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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Welcome to the YouTube-rbowl

Only in America could a website started by a few guys with zero capital hold sway over one of the world's biggest broadcast events.

This year's Super Bowl will feature four user generated ads, and the most clever professional and amateur ads will be seen repeatedly by millions on YouTube. Doritos and GM are among the brands that will be touted by amateur ads that cost a fraction of professionally developed ads.

YouTube will host all of the ads post-Super Bowl, and will hold a contest for rating the best of the bunch. Like American Idol, this is direct democracy and capitalism at work, giving the spoils to the victors. Established brands will likely continue to incorporate some user generated creatives, which will keep the big agencies humbled.

Once interactive TV goes mainstream (it could happen), we'll likely see more ads being rated and more companies willing to try user generated ads. This is a marketing shift that is here to stay.

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