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Monday, February 05, 2007

Video Leads Interactive Shift

If I were a 20-something creative person looking for the next big thing to push my career forward, I'd be honing my video advertising skills. Video advertisements that are informative and interactive will likely be the fastest growing and most lucrative areas of online marketing in the next decade.

Companies such as Brightcove, which provides the technical resources for video content distribution, and TurnHere, which specializes in video production, will be in high demand to create interactive video ads.

TurnHere partnered with interactive agency LaunchSquad to create video profiles of some of the fresh faces in technology startups. The companies expect that netizens would much rather see and hear about the latest technologies and movers and shakers than just read about them.

Brightcove signed a deal to provide the infrastructure for distributing advertising content from Disney's Buena Vista. While we will be a text and image world for much of our media consumption for years to come, the balance will soon start tilting to be much closer to 50-50.

Let's face it, the majority of the audience that you'd want to advertise to already have broadband access and are using YouTube or watching videos on CNN already. If you want to compete for the 35 and under consumer, you have to add video content into the mix. Product launches, user testimonials and "back story" insight are appropriate stories to tell through interactive video.

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