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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Super Bowl Ads Get Search Support

Advertisers who shelled out the big bucks for a Super Bowl spot have finally seen the light by buying corresponding keywords. According to MediaPost, 58 percent of big game advertisers also bought pay per click search ads for their brand names.

Car companies still don't get the online/offline integration possibilities, according to the article. I'm surprised that more ads don't include URLs indicating where they can be seen again. Another great opportunity is to create a microsite around successful Super Bowl spots.

The companies should create faux back stories around the characters, put them in new situations with different results, or create MySpace pages for the ads.I searched on budweiser and rock paper scissors on Google but did not get the ad among the search results.

Having the ads hosted on YouTube will increase the return on investment from the expensive Super Bowl ads, but marketers should plan ahead and package the spots that they feel are the strongest with online content and special promotions.

By John Gartner at 09:38 AM | Comments (1)

(1) Thoughts on Super Bowl Ads Get Search Support

You are absolutely right. The big companies do what they do because this is what they have done. There is outside the box thinking when it comes to TV commercials but most miss the web and traffic from the web completely.

Comments by Stop Foreclosure : Saturday, November 17, 2007 at 04:06 AM

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