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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Publishers Get Access to Blinkx Video

Video search engine Blinkx has created a widget so that bloggers and publishers can easily embed videos on to their pages, a function that YouTube has had for some time.

Blinkx, which won a "DEMOgod" award at the DEMO conference, rolled out "blinkx it", which scans the text of a webpage and delivers relevant videos, sort of like "AdSense" but delivering videos instead of ads.

Blinkx' widget is different from YouTube, which enables publishers to link to individuals videos. This simplifies the process and provides access to multiple videos, but some publishers may want to promote a specific video. The company doesn't seem to be sharing revenue with publishers, and despite the wealth of content, there are not many ads being displayed, so there may not be much revenue to share.

With more than 100 content partners, blinkx continues to offer a better depth and breadth of results than YouTube. The biggest challenges for video search engines are to categorize and tag content so that users can discover the most relevant content to them. All of the video search engines also woefully under utilize their advertising potential today.

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