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Friday, February 09, 2007

Cisco Buys Into Social Nets

Computer networking company Cisco Systems is trying its hand at social networking with the acquisition of San Francisco's Five Across.

Social networking services that provide a platform user generated content and community are like the web hosting services of the 90's -- an extension of what bandwidth companies offer. It is surprising that mostly corporate Cisco would purchase a small SN firm, but the company must view community as having a place in the enterprise as well as for consumers.

While social networking has its place in business, it is probably overkill to assume that people will actively participate in communities for many of the companies that they do business with. Do I really want to join the Accenture, Pep Boys or Wal-Mart community? Social networking is a shift for marketers, but only when the products are considered purchases and a consumers feel a need to bond with other buyers and want to share their stories.

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