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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Amazon Delivers Movies to TiVo

Amazon's decision to enhance its movie download service by enabling videos to be stored on TiVo boxes will put it ahead of the pack, at least for now.

While there are "just" 1.5 million Tivo's that are broadband ready in the U.S., there's no reason why anyone with a TiVo would switch to Amazon instead over NetFlix or Blockbuster. No returns, decent selection of movies and TV shows, and you don't have to wait for discs to arrive by the mail.

The only way to improve the service would be to offers a subscription rental service. You could get up to 10 movies per month (three on your computer at a time) for $19.99, and never go to a rental store or wait by the mail box again.

Until Netflix or Blockbuster get into the download biz, or Apple gets a wider selection of films that can be rented and not just purchased, then the Amazon/TiVo tandem will be hard to beat.

By John Gartner at 08:01 PM | Comments (0)

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