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Monday, December 10, 2007

YouTube Careers

Everyday it never ceases to amaze me the ways people have found to make money online. Whether its the million dollar home page, affiliate marketing, or say Google, tons of people are making more and more cash from the Internet.

This recent story about YouTube paying money to users is just another example of how great the Internet is in making people accident. If you haven't seen it, YouTube has decided to allow revenue sharing from its top 100 users with its Partners Program. These are users who have generated a lot of followers and undoubtedly a lot of money for YouTube and now themselves. These "accidental millionaires" (copyright!) are not only making money from YouTube some of them are even making advertising deals like the "Chocolate Rain" guy, TayZonday.

Although I can't find the link right now, I recall reading that TayZonday received a contract from Dr. Pepper to use one of his songs and help in a new TV campaign. It truly is amazing the success people have had from doing what they enjoy, not only on YouTube but around the web in general. I just hope I can find my accidental million sometime soon too!

For those who haven't seen the Chocolate Rain video, here it is:

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