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Monday, December 03, 2007

Top 10 Searches According to Yahoo. Search Patterns Are Changing

The Yahoo Search blog just published its annual list of top search queries for the year. For 2007 they put a different spin on their top 10 list by breaking the list up into categories and putting out several lists not just from the Yahoo! search engine but from some of their other properties such as Yahoo!Kids and

There is too much data here for me to go over in one post but overall it raises some interesting questions. Are users search patterns changing? I truly believe that we are constantly evolving our search patterns, whether it be by becoming more reliant on our search queries or using specific sites for niche related searches. Whatever the answer, the one thing that is certain is that we users are putting more and more pressure on the search engines to put out quality and up to date results. It doesn't matter if its the Top 10 News Searches or the Top 10 troubled stars, users want their information fast and accurate no matter what the topic is.

It appears to me that overall we as searchers are growing in advance search needs and will no longer be limited to one search engine to meet our specific needs. As a search marketer this is very exciting because it brings up worlds of new growth potential but also proves that we all have a lot of learning to keep doing.

Read the full story here and see the Top 10 lists here.

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