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Friday, December 14, 2007

Thank Google For Interactive TV Advertising

There's nothing like the foreboding shadow of Google to spur old media into action. According to Mediapost the cable industry is developing a targeted advertising platform, partly in response to the threat of a system being developed by Google.

Google has EchoStar and some smaller cable operators in its pocket with a system that can geo-target households, so cable bigwigs are developing their own "Canoe" system that instead of relying on survey services like Neilsen/NetRatings can aggregate and analyze the volumes of actual user data.

Google's application of Internet ad technologies to the cable space is a good thing, according to Jen Soch, vice president-group director of advanced TV at MediaVest.

"I applaud anything that is going to help us get more accountability in traditional media - that is going to get us away form sample-based measurement into more of a census based measurement," she added. "Right now we are participating in this and we will see where it will lead us."

So we should be thanking Google for expanding into other realms because even if the company doesn't "win" in TV or print, it is forcing old media to learn some new tricks. Competition breeds innovation that will benefit consumers and marketers.

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