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Monday, December 24, 2007

Privacy Disclosure Good for All

As a follow up to the privacy meeting held last month, the FTC has issued proposed privacy guidelines that will likely be the basis of new rules. This proposal is a big win for publishers and consumers because instead of pushing for self-regulation could have required more explicit regulations.

Publishers who use behavioral targeting would have to make their privacy rules clear and prominent on their websites, which means a privacy link somewhere that's not buried on the homepage. The language should also be easy to understand and instruct on how to opt out. Something on the first screen that screams "privacy" as well as some public service announcements to all users being tracked should keep the FTC happy.

Privacy advocates had pushed for a national do not track list which would have been an administrative nightmare and made enforcement almost impossible.

Consumers need to take more time to learn about behavioral targeting and read the fine print. The blame shouldn't be solely be on publishers as consumers need to realize that just as with putting credit card info or personal data online, their are risks that must be carefully measured. Clickalot emptor, as I always say.

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