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Monday, December 03, 2007

My first Visit to the Google-plex

Recently, I was fortunate enough to make my first visit to the Google-plex with a client. Yes, I know I'm probably the last search marketer to go but better late than never right? And How Many of you have been to the San Francisco office too?

I decided I might as well post my thoughts about my visit so that the one or two others who haven't made it there can read up. Now, I'm sure every has heard the stories about the 17 Google Cafeterias, the endless supply of snacks and fun, the epic game room and the mid-day beach volleyball games so I won't go down that road.

Visiting Google is impressive if not intimidating. While I don't know the stats, I'd guess one out of 20 Googlers is one of those Google Millionaires or at least a Google-Big-Bank-Accounter, thats pretty wild to think about when you are standing in line with a few hundred Googlers waiting for your fresh pasta to be sauced. Even with all that money and prestige, all of the Google people I've ever met have been pretty humble and very friendly and its pretty easy to see why everyone wants to work there, or so it seems.

While Google definitely portrays the fun atmosphere that helps it stand out to the young minds of America, it also portrays a very 1984 feel. Everywhere your turn, Big Brother is watching! For example, within the first 30 seconds of stepping on the Google sidewalk, I was slapped on the wrist for taking pictures of the buildings without wearing a badge. I really don't have any explanation for that, it was just the vibe we got.

Overall, the experience was very positive, the people were very nice and Google was every bit as impressive as people say they are. It is definitely one to go visit if you have the opportunity. With all that said, I still prefer to be a Labitatr over a Googler anyday!

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