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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Web 2.0 Euphoria, R.I.P.

First whispers, then murmurs, then hushed conversations and finally, talking out loud.

That's how the insiders, investors and pundits make a bubble burst, and its happening just before our eyes. Web 2.0, we hardly knew ye.

When we look back, Microsoft's investment in Facebook will be the transaction that popped the bubble. It's ridiculous over inflation of Facebook's worth has gotten even the optimistic to say that the emperor has no clothes. Social networking and widgets are cool, but they aren't going to change the dynamics of commerce and advertising.

Blame the ongoing war, the lead-tainted toys, the housing and mortgage collapse, and volatile days on Wall Street. Uncertainty across the board is about to investments Web 2.0 companies hard. If I were a doctor, I'd be calling for the time of death and filling out the paperwork.

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