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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Social Net eSnips Connects Like Minds

Startup social network eSnips is linking people based on their habits, hobbies, and hopes, which is good news for advertisers.

The company has added an extensive series of questionnaires that are used to find people who respond similarly. From music to politics to religion to professional interests, eSnips has informal questions about a variety of topics.

Users can local for like minded people across the globe or across the street, and it can be addictive seeing the profiles of people who respond similarly to you. The site also offers free content hosting (up to 5 GB).

Convincing people to abandon or compliment their existing social nets will be challenging for eSnips, but those who join will likely find themselves viewing ads that are much more relevant advertising. If eSnips can grow to a mass audience, the data collected will be a gold mine for advertisers who can target based on actual responses of individuals, not broad demographic surveys.

Facebook and other sites that are targeting on behaviors have been making headlines for their potential (including privacy concerns), but I've always beleived that people would much rather be asked questions about their preferences rather than be tracked. That eSnips exists is a testament to this principle -- people like to reveal many things about themselves if their is a payoff.

I would suggest that eSnips give some bonus for answering questions as incentive to continue participation -- perhaps earning bonus points that can be redeemend for gift cards. Also, when the advertising kicks in, the privacy policy should be prominently linked to on the home page to eliminate potential conflicts with consumers.




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