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Thursday, November 15, 2007

LinkedIn Growing Faster than Facebook and MySpace

According to Nielsen NetRatings MySpace had more unique users in October than the other social nets, but LinkedIn grew the fastest.

BizReport curiously reports that Facebook had the highest growth rate at 125%, so I guess they don't consider LinkedIn in the same category even though it grew by 189 percent.

If I were investing in one of these companies I'd go for LinkedIn because while they will never have the same volume of traffic, the more professional membership lends itself to much higher CPMs and to selling professional services, as the company has already done.

While Facebook has been getting most of the attention of developers, LinkedIn's involvement in OpenSocial with Google et al. will foster creation of new application to help business folk advance themselves and their companies.

Maybe it's my age (okay, yes it is my age), but I prefer to keep my social circle focused on people who I really know and do my socializing through email or on the phone with my expanded circle of friends and colleagues.

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