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Friday, November 02, 2007

DVRs, Broadband Boost Marketing Opportunities

While TV viewing hours are holding steady, the number of households with DVRs and watching video online is growing.

The number of households with Digital Video Recorders is now 20.5% , up from 17.2% in May 2007 according to Nielsen's National People Meter. The number of hours that TVs are on and that individuals are watching hasn't changed much, but DVR users are probably contributing as people with DVRs tend to watch more TV than before they got their devices.

According to eMarketer, 40 percent of all households with TVs will have DVRs by 2011, at which time marketing to people who like to skip past commercials will be crptical.
Most folks with broadband watch video online, and by 2011 two-thirds of TV watchers will be able to tune into Joost. This will further erode the TV audience as more selection and viewing on demand will obviate the need to set your schedule around TV. Online their will always be something on.

Where the eyeballs go the advertising dollars will follow, which will create new inventory not just for video sites, but also for all publishers since video sites will be competing for people by advertising throughout the web. So expect search marketing around video to become a key industry within two years.

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