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Monday, October 22, 2007

Welcome to Direct-to-Web Programming

The food chain of video programming is adding another link as media companies see exclusive professionally-produced video as a revenue generator.

Video news and user generated content are the backbone of web video today, but now MySpace, Comedy Central and Yahoo are producing shows aimed at increasing their web traffic. Yahoo and Comedy Central have been playing with web-only video programming for some time without much success, but MySpace is hoping that faux reality show "Roommates" will be a big money maker. The show will use product placement (in this case a car) to augment revenue.

Quality (as judged by the MySpace audience) will determine the success of this show and possible future investments in web-only programming. Cable TV programs and movies as well as direct-to-video movies have found their niche. Now websites have an audience size that is able to compete with TV and opens up a new tier of advertisers.


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