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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

TiVo Adds Real Music to Lineup

TiVo continues to add features for accessing Web content, this time partnering to make RealNetworks' Rhapsody music service available through its DVR boxes. This is significant because now TiVo users have a simple way to stream music through their home entertainment systems without setting up a wireless network or running lots of cables.

I'm assuming that Rhapsody will also be available from PCs for current subscribers, giving added flexibility. I don't consider this a huge win for TiVo or RealNetworks because anyone who has TiVo probably has digital cable, which includes a music service. The "on-demand" aspect of listening to tracks is nice though.

RealNetworks already has a deal with Comcast, so this will marginally increase exposure for the music service. There must have been some interesting contract clauses in determining payments in the cases where Comcast is providing the TiVo boxes.

TiVo could become even more killer if you could watch your recorded shows from your PC (ala SlingBox) or if they introduced a monthly movie rental service in partnership with Amazon. If through NetFlix and Blockbuster I can rent a maximum number of DVDs per month, then why not offer the same thing for rental downloads? A virtual queue of 6 movies per month for $19.99 eliminates trips to the video store and reduces the cost of shipping/producing DVDs.

From: The New York Times blogvia CrunchGear.

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