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Monday, October 08, 2007

Social News to Dominate the Industry

Social news sites are reshaping news to become a conversation, and are justifiably sucking advertising dollars from mainstream media into the new frontier. New site Mixx will give Digg a run for its money, while Newsvine is destined to grow now that it is under MSNBC's wing.

People want to participate in the news and are doing more so every day online. Unlike viewers satisfied by being spoon-fed local and nightly news, "citizen journalists" and bloggers are passionate and active participants, which makes for a great demographic. The big money will be in advertising on sites that can be customized by readers and foster the community that brings a consistent and impassioned audience.

Current.TV to the blog forums on the Washington Post will build large followings and justify their CPMs. This is user-generated content with value to advertisers who target appropriately.

Most print and TV shows have started by including viewer commentary into their broadcasts. Look no further than the presidential debates, which have been remade for the YouTube generation. We've come a long way since the letters to the editors page, man on the street interview, and Andy Rooney's mailbox as the only public participation in news.

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