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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Video Network Delivers Via RSS

NewsGator Technologies announced a distribution network that enables publishers to integrate video content onto their sites via RSS. The Video Buzz service enables publishers to select or automatically be fed videos from sources including CNN, YouTube or ComedyCentral.

NewsGator said the Denver Post is among its clients, but the company didn't mention anything about cost or if advertising would be a part of the mix, which it should be. Video will become an increasingly important part of the content mix, and establishing a distribution network early could give NewsGator a lead.

Google says video distribution will be an integral part of its AdSense mix, so expect them to be the biggest fish in this space.

RSS adoption should increase with the introduction of Vista and Internet Explorer 7 that can recognize RSS feeds, but RSS (and therefore RSS ads) would gain traction much faster if Microsoft integrated an actual RSS reader with IE. We'll see more advertisers taking advantage of RSS as people increasingly use readers to focus their online browsing activities.

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