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Monday, January 29, 2007

Users Stir Up Content at AdKafe

For everyone who thinks that he or she could be the next Darrin Stephens or Wieden + Kennedy, AdKafe has created a portal that enables the public to create advertisements and get paid by the companies.

AdKafe seeks to marry companies looking for ad writers with creative professionals and amateurs who can author video, audio, graphical or textual ads. Companies pay $75 or more to advertise for "ad wanted," and they can choose which of the ads they like best, and pay just for it.

I like the idea of user-generated ads to build awareness, but expecting people to create ads on the hopes that they might win a lucrative deal won't cut it. This model works for contests about unique products where a substantial prize is offered, but expecting quality work on spec is too much to ask.

AdKafe should make the potential ads viewable to the public sans registration, and should be creative in luring potential marketers. So far the company has registered 18 ad companies and 34 potential ad developers, but mass market success requires more creative thinking than their launch strategy suggests.

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