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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Subway Blogging. Get a Free Pizza When Viral goes Wrong

As you can see by yesterday's posts, the AlwaysOn Media conference, was quite eventful, but not as eventful the reception at the Stone Rose Lounge and the subway ride home. As you can see we got some very Tony Perkins popping his collar for Marketing Shift interesting shots including this one of Jason and the AlwaysOn Director Tony Perkins but the most interesting conversation came after a few screwdrivers and a ride on the subway.

We started talking to this young aspiring doctor, John, on the train and inevitably the conversation turned to marketing. Dr. John said his best friend was responsible for the short codes that we use with SMS. We were a bit skeptical so he began asking us if we had heard of this "Viral Marketing" campaign by Pizza Hut that his friend was responsible for. Apparently, during the Jessica Simpson Pizza Hut ad, there is going to be an SMS shortcode somewhere in the commercial's background. If you text this number to "TheHut" you will get confirmation back for a free pizza.

Being that I am on the web about 20 hours a day and have not heard about this so called viral campaign, it is either bogus or the poster child for 'How to NOT plan a viral marketing campaign'.

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