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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Streaming TV Ads a Good Buy

Streaming televisions shows online is good for everyone. It enables viewers to catch up on shows they missed, gives the producers a new revenue stream, and provides a desirable demographic for advertisers.

The broadband TV watch tends to be younger, better educated and more affluent than the average Joe, according to a report from Nielsen Analytics. The report says that viewers prefer short pre-roll ads to being interrupted during a broadcast.

The report also says that people who watch broadband content watch more TV than before. NBC proved the point by streaming popular show Heroes, and despite the return of mega-hit 24 from hiatus, Heroes won the ratings battle on Monday night.

NBC has added a video stream of actor's comments about the episdoe (similar to what is on DVDs) to keep people coming back for more. Heroes online has the normal commercial breaks, but instead of several minutes, you are back to the program in 30 seconds. I forgot to TiVo the show this week and was not bothered by the commercials in the least when I watched it online.

So soon TV networks will have to start giving their online ad sales some serious attention as the number of streams is likely to grow.

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