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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Only Fat Lady to Sing at SpiralFrog

SpiralFrog, the much hyped website that aspired to create the first free music download service, is on its last legs. The CEO and several board members and key executives have all recently jumped ship, and they aren't answering the phone, according to

SpiralFrog never scored deals with the necessary music labels, and the launch has been pushed back. Now with the leadership eviscerated, SpiralFrog's bad idea is fully laid bare for all to see, like the entrails of a high school biology lab.

The plan of allowing people to download songs for free and hoping that a website could generate sufficient traffic to support the cost of the royalties was dead on arrival, as I said when they first started making news.

The ad-supported model works fine for general interest broadcasts, but copyright holders will ask a pretty penny for companies that want to give away content outright. We can officially start the SpiralFrog deathwatch.

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