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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

MIVA Launches Vertical Ad Network

MIVA is going vertical with the launch of 18 "precision networks" focusing on industries including big ticket categories automotive, electronics, entertainment, finance, health, insurance, pharmaceutical, real estate, sports/recreation, technology and travel. The vertical networks will be in addition to MIVA's existing pay-per-click network, and advertisers can mix and match their ad buys as they desire, according to Chrysi Philalithes vice president of global marketing and communication. Not surprisingly, the vertical buys will cost more and be available in a lower volume than the primary ad network. Philalithes declined to give me any specific about difference in pricing or how sizable the vertical networks will be in comparison to MIVA's existing network. The precision networks are currently in beta, and MIVA has keyword experts for each segment to advise clients. The company has not linked its pay-per-call service with the precision networks. Soon it will be difficult to find a major network that doesn't offer vertical networks that promise better quality leads. Advertisers have to determine how much to spend to acquire consumers already interested in their category versus getting attention through mass media buys.

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