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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

MIVA Expands PPC Options

Advertising network MIVA added the ability to link to ads from within text content as part of a new "Monetization Center" platform. MIVA is packaging the inline ads (ala Intellitext) with keyword based advertisements that run alongside the content or as part of search results so that publishers can mix and match the ads that surround their content.

Publishers who want to experiment with multiple ad formats can work with a single network, which certainly simplifies billing. Personally I've never found the linking within text to be very relevant, and is usually more of a distraction as a reader as windows jump out at you as you move your cursor around.

MIVA also offers pay per call ads, so they could create some truly unique bundles. The company will have to keep on track of click frauders as being able to use a variety of ads on your site increases the possibility of accelerating the fraud.

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